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Everything You Need to Know About Paper Shoot's Technology

Everything You Need to Know About Paper Shoot's Technology - Paper Shoot Camera

The Paper Shoot is an extremely compact and simple-to-use digital camera, so you may not expect it to be as technologically advanced as it is! While the photo-taking process is easy, there's a lot that goes into Paper Shoot's compact frame that make it simple, fun, and stress-free. 



The Paper Shoot Camera is the digital equivalent to 135mm film: the sensor has a 16MP resolution, F2.0 aperture, and completely automatic exposure, white balance, and focus adjustment. This allows users to take photos at night, even without flash! All camera boards on website are the exact same and come with the same features. The camera also has four filters built in: colour, black and white, sepia, and cool tone, that are completely automatic and remove the need for editing.





The camera can also take video and time lapse video by connecting the camera to an external power source and switching to the 4th filter for video and the 3rd for time lapse. However, we recently came out with our Function Cards that allow you to take video and time lapse without the need for an external power source! All you need to do is insert the card and switch to the 3rd filter to take a 10 second video, and let the camera take photos for 30 minutes on the 4th filter to take a time lapse video! 



The cameras run on SD cards and rechargeable batteries. Not only do rechargeable batteries function best with the camera, they also last much longer and are better for the planet and your wallet! To see your photos once you're done, all you need to do is remove your SD card and insert it directly into your computer, connect the camera to your computer using the micro USB cable that comes with your camera, or you can use and SD-phone adapter! After that, all you need to do is make the tough decision on which photos to keep. 



The Paper Shoot is the perfect companion for travellers, concert-goers, outdoor-lovers, and anyone looking to take a break from their phone and live in the moment a little more.