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Unveiling the Charms of Paper Shoot Cameras Against iPhones

Unveiling the Charms of Paper Shoot Cameras Against iPhones

"Why would I use a Paper Shoot Camera if I have an iPhone?" 

This is our most popular question and one we love to answer time and time again. Using a phone is your personal choice and something we are not trying to take away from you. In fact, we love our iPhones! I do everything on my phone and it's my go-to for most things which is why we aren't necessarily in competition with Apple or any smart phone for that matter. They have capabilities for greater than what our Paper Shoot Camera does but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy another alternative. 

That's what Paper Shoot Cameras are, alternatives for film and disposable cameras. They offer customers another picture-taking experience and the chance to finally unplug and live in that very moment. Paper Shoots don't have a screen on either side showing off what photos look like, and for many of our customers, that's the draw; the chance to grab a photo real quick and continue going about your day. I don't know about you, but I find myself scrolling through all my photos the first chance I get on my phone and it's distracting. On my Paper Shoot i know the photos are there for when I get back home and can connect to my laptop and for those days where I want to see my photos right away, I still can, with my SD card reader. I can easily connect the reader to my phone and download my photos in moments. It's the perfect balance for someone who's eager to get a look right away!

Another point we want to make is that everyone has hobbies! Whether you're a photographer, an avid record collector, or someone who enjoys taking a step back and crocheting, reading, or painting, there are many ways to enjoy life and this is one of them. The best example I of this are people who enjoy going to the movies or listening to records on their record player. They can easily do both of these things on their phones but why not enjoy the full experience in a different way? 

The Paper Shoot Camera also has accessories to enhance the experience like lenses, filter cards and a ring light. Every year, we work hard to enhance the features of Paper Shoot along with the quality of the photos and accessories, and while we might not be the smart phone, we offer a really lovely customizable photography experience for photographers of every age!