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Why the Paper Shoot Camera Makes for a Great Valentine’s Day Gift

Why the Paper Shoot Camera Makes for a Great Valentine’s Day Gift - Paper Shoot Camera

Valentine’s Day is upon us and as shelves of chocolates and bears get emptied out, some of you out there are looking for a gift a little more substantial and thoughtful. While we love a good teddy bear and can make our way through a box of chocolate in minutes, sometimes it’s nice to give a gift that keeps on giving, a gift that took a little more effort to get. Whether you’re shopping for a significant other or your best friend (because Valentine’s Day is for everyone) we think the Paper Shoot Camera is the perfect gift to gift someone on the global day of love and here’s why!


  1. It’s the Gift that Keeps on Giving – Did we mention how fast a box of chocolate gets eaten around here? Minutes, maybe hours! The Paper Shoot Camera is going to last for years, or as long as it’s taken care of. It’s reusable and gives you unlimited pictures and videos. It’s meant to last through many years of trips and celebrations!

      2. Allows Couples to Capture Favorite Moments Together – The Paper Shoot              allows everyone to take unlimited pictures, videos, and time-lapse videos,              giving you the chance to continuously capture memories whether on a trip,            celebrating a big moment, or just living your day-to-day life.

  1. It’s Very Easy to Use and Travel With – Our cameras are very slim and lightweight, making them easy to travel with since you’re not lugging around heavy or bulky equipment. It’s also very easy to use. You just pick a filter on the back and press the shutter button on the front. For videos, all you need is the video function card and to switch to the 3rd It’s as easy as that. Once you’re ready to see your photos, take out the SD card and put it into your laptop. 
  1. You’ll be Supporting an Eco-Friendly Small Business – We use recycled and repurposed materials for the camera as well as biodegradable materials for the cases. You never throw out the camera unlike a disposable and you don’t need to keep purchasing film and paying to see your pictures, unlike a film camera. Our cameras use rechargeable batteries and an SD card that you can keep using over and over again.
  1. The Pictures Have a Disposable and Vintage Vibe- We worked hard to have the pictures mimic what the disposable camera gives you, those nostalgic and vintage-looking pictures that bring some warmth and a smile to everyone’s face.

 As you can see, every aspect of this camera is the reason why it makes for such a great gift to give to someone on love day. We know your bestie or SO will love the Paper Shoot Camera so head on over to our website and get your person the best gift ever!