Paper Shoot celebrates the art of memory-keeping through sustainable photography, capturing faces, places, and moments that matter. Our story is about creating a legacy of moments with an eco-conscious touch.

Made with Love. Packaged with Purpose.

Paper Shoot

Paper Shoot is the creative result of a passionate team dedicated to redefining photography and reconnecting people through innovative, sustainable designs.

Our groundbreaking paper camera, developed in Taiwan by our founder Geroge Lin, prioritizes simplicity and meaningful connections, inspired by the wise words of Alfred Eisenstaedt. Our philosophy, 'Point & Shoot, Less is More,' is not only a design principle but a profound belief in the power of returning to the basics of photography. We strive for elegance and user-friendliness in all our designs, promoting a conscious and sustainable way of life.

Commitment to Sustainability

At Paper Shoot, sustainability is at the core of every camera we create. We are committed to an eco-conscious lifestyle, utilizing heavy stone paper made from inorganic mineral powder in our manufacturing process. This innovative approach saves trees, reduces pollution, and produces a more durable, water-resistant digital camera. Our commitment extends beyond the product to every aspect of our operations as we continually strive to minimize our environmental footprint while maximizing the durability and functionality of our cameras.

Meet Our Team

Meet our awesome team at Paper Shoot Camera! Whether behind the scenes, or in front of the camera - the growth of our company is all due to the people we have on our team.

Owner and CEO

Gillian Gallant

In 2021, the owners of Paper Shoot, Gillian Gallant and Jack Bisson, launched Paper Shoot in North America, marking the beginning of a remarkable journey that would take the brand to new heights. Despite being a small team operating out of a living room, they remained steadfast in their mission to create an impact in the world through a sustainable and creative approach.

Paper Shoot has become an internationally recognized brand in just over two years since starting operations overseas, inspiring numerous happy customers and partnerships. An unwavering commitment to sustainability and creativity has set Paper Shoot apart from the rest, as we continue to use only recycled, repurposed, and biodegradable materials, pay ethical wages to our employees, and donate to charity with every camera purchase.

As Paper Shoot continues to innovate and grow, they remain true to their founding principles, making a meaningful difference in the world. They serve as a role model for others, showing that it is possible to create a successful business while staying true to one's values and making a positive impact.