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While pretty much everyone has access to their phone’s camera at any time, there’s something special about unplugging and slowing down. Paper Shoot is all about keeping your fav memories alive - these sustainable, easy-to-use digicams combine the nostalgia of film, the simplicity of digital, and eco-conscious materials to help you get back to living in the moment.


Paper Shoot Camera

Paper Shoot Camera is a small business of just 12 employees who are passionate about sustainability and capturing the moments that mean the most.

At Paper Shoot Camera, we believe that taking care of the environment should go hand-in-hand with creating products that connect with people. For this reason, all of our materials are either recycled, repurposed, or biodegradable.

Our camera boards are made from discarded, landfill-bound technology and given a new life - all so that you can capture yours authentically.

Paper Shoot Inventor

In 2012, our company was founded by George Lin, a paper industry engineer from Taiwan. The gears in the mind of a lifelong advocate of analogue photography and art started turning when the paper company added durable, sustainable, and customizable stone paper to the production line. George gave serious thought to installing a camera inside.

 Film was one of his many interests, and he wanted the camera to reflect that. In order to make it look like an old-fashioned camera, he took great care in selecting the settings and filters. The design of the point-and-shoot camera, along with its aesthetic sensibilities and ease of use, made it the ideal film-free alternative. 

A digital point-and-shoot with dozens of interchangeable cases, the first Paper Shoot Camera was in his hands a few months later.


Gillian Gallant

In 2021, Gillian Gallant and Jack Bisson, brought Paper Shoot to North America, marking the beginning of a remarkable journey that would take the brand to new heights. Despite being a small team operating out of a living room, they remained steadfast in their mission to create an impact in the world through a sustainable and creative approach. Paper Shoot has become an internationally recognized brand in just over two years since starting operations overseas, inspiring numerous happy customers and partnerships. An unwavering commitment to sustainability and creativity has set Paper Shoot apart from the rest, as we continue to use only recycled, repurposed, and biodegradable materials, pay ethical wages to our employees, and donate to charity with every camera purchase.

As Paper Shoot continues to innovate and grow, they remain true to their founding principles, making a meaningful difference in the world. They serve as a role model for others, showing that it is possible to create a successful business while staying true to one's values and making a positive impact.

Woman Owned

Small Business

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Sustainable Materials

Ethically Produced

Meet the Team

Emma Armitage


Antonio Bowman


Jillian Smart


Alyona Real


Roland Gallant


Gio Gestopa


Our Sustainability Efforts

At Paper Shoot, sustainability and authenticity are at the core of every camera we create. Our stone paper cases are created using heavy inorganic mineral powder and biodegradable resin, which saves trees, water, and electricity to produce a highly durable, water-resistant casing. We also use materials like infinitely recyclable brass, recycled fiberglass and wood, and vegetable leather to ensure that at every turn, we keep the planet in mind.

60,000L of Water & 20 Tress Saved

For every ton of stone paper produced to create Paper Shoot cases, 20 trees and 60,000 liters of water in relation to the recovery of paper from pulp or wood pulp.


16 Million BTUs saved

For every ton of stone paper produced to create Paper Shoot cases, 16 million BTUs are saved in relation to the recovery of paper from pulp or wood pulp.


900 kg CO2 Prevented

For every ton of stone paper produced to create Paper Shoot cases, 900 kg of CO2 emissions are prevented in relation to the recovery of paper from pulp or wood pulp.