Rio Bundle

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SD Card Reader (Style)
Travel Cases (Style)

Samba into the vibrant heart of Brazil with our Rio Travel Bundle, your ultimate companion for capturing the colorful and pulsating rhythms of Rio de Janeiro. The Rio Travel Bundle is a celebration of life, designed to let you relive the exhilaration of Rio's legendary energy through every snapshot.

In the box

  • One (1) Stone Paper Case (3 options)
  • One (1) 18MP Camera Board
  • One (1) Orange & Teal Filter Card
  • One (1) 32GB SD Card
  • One (1) SD Card Reader (Lighting or USB-C)
  • One (1) Exclusive Paper Shoot Explorer Sticker Sheet
  • One (1) Metal Camera Strap in Black
PLEASE NOTE: This bundle does not include batteries.

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Vibe: Teal & Orange

Rio: "Cidade Maravilhosa"

Dive into Rio's kaleidoscope, where the sunsets are a riot of colors and life is a perpetual carnival. It's a city that dances to the rhythm of the waves, pulsates with samba beats, and celebrates every moment with open arms and a Teal & Orange filter. Here, joy is infectious, and the vibe is as vibrant as the feathers at Carnival — Rio is where you live out loud, under the shimmer of a never-ending summer.

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