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Green Photography Revolution

Green Photography Revolution - Paper Shoot Camera

The Biodegradable Charm of Paper Shoot Camera Covers

It's the only product on the market that can introduce itself as the first digital eco-friendly camera that even stars like Jeff Goldblum are rating 10 out of 10! Yes... It's the Paper Shoot Camera and it's quite literally an eco-friendly digital camera that's a sustainable alternative to disposables and film cameras. 



Our founder George Lin was a film photographer who was inspired by the aesthetic of film but wanted an easier and more sustainable way of capturing such beautiful photography. So he created the first digital camera created from recycled materials that produced photos that look like they were taken from a film camera! NOT ONLY THAT, he also decided to take it up a notch with the camera cases and decided to create interchangeable cases that could also biodegrade! 


Our cases which are not only customizable and gorgeous (because our team who creates the cases are extremely talented) they're also easily interchangeable by the golden screws up at the top and are made from eco-friendly biodegradable resin and stone paper which is in fact crushed rock. They're super durable and kid-proof but not only that, they can biodegrade after a year of outdoor exposure to the sun and the elements. I mean you can't get anymore eco-friendly than that!

And if you're worried about printing, we even use eco-friendly ink to create our designs so you can snap your favorite photos worry-free knowing good and well, you're doing something good for planet earth!