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How to Take Amazing Festival Photos

How to Take Amazing Festival Photos - Paper Shoot Camera

Trust us when we say we’ve mastered the art of taking amazing festival photos, I mean just look at what we took at Coachella this year!


Even though the Paper Shoot is such an easy camera to use there’s still an art to taking a really good festival photo with your Paper Shoot and we wanted to share a few of our tips and tricks so that you too can get amazing disposable and film-looking photos to get giddy about. Don’t worry, it’s nothing crazy, just a few reminders and tricks you can use to make sure you’re getting the best possible use out of your camera where you’ll want to share all the pictures and videos you took from your Paper Shoot.

Filters: Our built-in filters are perfect for changing the tone of your photos whether you’re inside or out. The different filters are also built to work with specific environments to bring out certain colors that you want to pop from your photos. For example, the cool/blue filter is perfect for capturing bright blue colors like water, sky, and other outdoor elements. The sepia filter is perfect for adding some warmth to your photos. I love using this filter when I’m in direct sunlight and want that really disposable-looking warm overlay over my photos. I’ve got to admit this is my favorite filter! The black and white is perfect for capturing moody simple shots, and the color filter works with every photo and has a faded element to it.


Black & White



Don’t Rush: Taking photos on your Paper Shoot is different than taking a photo on your iPhone. There’s going to be a shutter sound you need to listen for when you press the shutter button on the front. The first time you press the button, you’re essentially waking up the camera. There's going to be a 2 second delay before you hear the shutter sound, after that, you can continuously click the shutter button and it’ll take photos. Last but not least, try to be as still as possible when taking your photo to grab those really sharp Paper Shoot images.

Flash Alternative: We know many concerts and festivals have nighttime shows, which is the reason why we decided to create a ring light made perfectly to fit around the lens of the camera so you can capture beautiful nighttime photos. Our ring light comes with 3 brightness settings and can be charged with the cord that comes with your order. The Paper Shoot captures beautiful photos at concerts even without a ring light though.

If you notice that the colors are really bright and vibrant, try turning off the ring light and capturing without the extra light. You’ll see it’s not needed if you have a lot of pink and purple colors flying at you from the show lights. When it’s time to capture some faces in the audience, that’s when we recommend turning on our ring light and getting your content. Here are a few examples of the ring light being and when it's ok to turn it off to still get gorgeous concert photos. 

With Ring Light

Without Ring Light

Let us know if any of these tips worked for you send us your festival photos taken by the Paper Shoot Camera to any of our social media sights and we can feature some of the content you’ve captured!