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Who is the Paper Shoot Camera For?

Who is the Paper Shoot Camera For? - Paper Shoot Camera

The Holiday Season is finally here and that means getting your holiday shopping done early! As you gather gift ideas from the people you love, we know you're keeping an eye out for products that everyone on your list will want and we have one that's about to gain all your attention. It's an eco-friendly digital camera that gives you beautiful photos! And the best part? It's the perfect camera for EVERYONE on your list. Don't believe us? We're happy to prove to you why the Paper Shoot Camera is the all-star gift for all the people on your list!

One of the best things about the Paper Shoot is the automatic settings which means there are no settings to mess with when taking photos. All you have to do is choose a filter on the back and press a button on the front and the photos are taken! Kids don't need complicated technology, and they don't need heavy equipment that can break after one drop. The Paper Shoot is made from stone paper, which is crushed rock. It's incredibly sturdy, water-resistant, and perfect for kids and their sticky fingers! We have 2 camera designs for kids on the website and a DIY blank case for kids to decorate and color if they like!


Yup, we said it! This camera is perfect for grandparents. Not only does the camera bring back nostalgic analog days where you have to wait to see the photos you took, but the film photography in and of itself brings people back to a simpler time. Grandparents don't normally want to mess with high-end technology and complicated settings, they want something that's easy to use that will capture their favorite memories. The cases are easily interchangeable and the accessories are super easy to use if they want to play with different ways of taking photos.


For parents, this little Point & Shoot camera is the perfect way to capture moments as a family together. The Paper Shoot fits into any pocket, making it perfect for taking on holiday vacations or day trips, wherever the family goes, the camera can go! Because you can't see the photos on the back, the Paper Shoot allows everyone to live in the moment while capturing the moments they want to remember. If your children want to take the camera for themselves, you can trust them to take their own photos and hey at least it's not your phone!


Brides & Grooms!:
Paper Shoot Camera has a wedding rental program where couples who are getting married can rent a number of cameras to put on their tables for guests to take photos with. We've seen massive success with the program and we love the idea of couples taking photos of their first moments being married with the Paper Shoot Camera.

Teens love the Paper Shoot Camera, because not only is it super aesthetic and captures everyone's attention but it's easy to fit into their backpacks or back pockets and the photos are all the rage since film and disposable cameras are really in with Gen Z'ers right now! Teens love the Paper Shoot Camera and all the accessories you can purchase online. We offer bundles for the ones looking to take unique photos and add fun elements to the camera and the photos it takes.

As you can see the Paper Shoot Camera is for everyone of all ages. It fits every generation and age and is the perfect camera for any occasion, trip, and celebration. The Paper Shoot camera is the perfect universal gift for everyone on your list. Shop the cameras, accessories, cases, and bundles right now just in time for Christmas!