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Why Are Paper Shoot Cameras So Expensive?

Why Are Paper Shoot Cameras So Expensive? - Paper Shoot Camera

One of the more popular questions we often get is why are our cameras $120 and up. While this might seem a little expensive compared to other cameras trending in the market, when you learn about our business, what goes into creating our cameras, and what you get with your Paper Shoot purchase, it’ll make sense why we price our products the way we do. Let’s get right into it then!

Digital and Reusable Technology: The Paper Shoot Camera is a digital camera created to last for many years. Everything about the camera is reusable, from the SD card that stores all your photos and videos and the reusable and rechargeable batteries it runs on, to the water-resistant cases and magnetic camera lenses. While trending cameras like disposables are coming back with vigor this year, we can’t help but notice how after only 30 photos, you have to throw the entire camera away. The Paper Shoot Camera is incredibly durable, and if you’re taking care of it, it’ll last for many years capturing all of your favorite moments and memories.

Recycled and Eco-Friendly Materials: Our camera cases are 100% vegan and recycled. The paper cases are made from stone paper and pressed inorganic limestone, our clear cases are created with recycled fiberglass materials, and our wood cases are created from recycled wood. Our camera boards are created with recycled materials and the lenses are recycled from the same company that produces Apple’s lenses that are on their way to landfills once they’ve served their purpose. These eco-friendly materials are naturally going to cost more adding a bit more to the cost of what our consumers pay.


Ethical Labor: Our small business manufactures the cameras with a small team in Taiwan, in turn eliminating mass factory production and mass chemical runoff as well as the exploitation of workers. Everyone gets a living wage and very favorable working conditions from the office to the warehouse.

Unlimited Content: While film and disposable cameras are limited in how many pictures you can take, the Paper Shoot Camera is unlimited. Not only can you take as many pictures as you want, but you also get 4 photo filters, the ability to take videos and time-lapse videos, and extra lenses you can purchase to give your picture a completely different look. Once your SD card is full, you can transfer your content to your computer before putting it right back into the camera to fill up again.


Overall, digital technology is usually a bit more expensive than disposable cameras. The Paper Shoot Camera is created from recycled materials and offers unlimited content creation with an eco-friendly edge. If you’re interested in eco-friendly living, supporting small businesses that practice ethical labor, and high-quality products, the Paper Shoot Camera is for you.