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Why The Paper Shoot Camera Uses Batteries

Why The Paper Shoot Camera Uses Batteries - Paper Shoot Camera

We work hard to ensure that we’re as eco-friendly with all of our products as we can be. From the biodegradable cases and recycled packaging to the lenses and body of the camera that are made from recycled materials, we focus on being as environmentally friendly as we can. So, we understand why people get confused and question why we use batteries to power our cameras.


We don’t just use regular batteries, we use AAA rechargeable batteries for our cameras, in fact, our recommendation is to only use rechargeable batteries since the camera is best optimized using high-quality batteries you can recharge instead of single-use batteries. We find the camera works much better this way and you’re not throwing them out into landfills after they run out of juice. You can either purchase a battery charger to charge your batteries or you can use the cord that came with your camera order to plug the camera directly into the wall.

One of the big reasons why we started this business and why we use batteries to power our cameras is because our founder, George Lin, grew up very modestly in Taiwan. He was motivated by his upbringing to create a product that children could use to capture memories with their loved ones, something he wasn’t able to do. The reason why our batteries aren’t built into the camera itself is that with every sale of a camera, we donate another camera to a child who doesn’t have the means to purchase a camera nor the electricity to charge one. We supply each child with high-quality rechargeable batteries and an SD card that will hold all their photos and videos. In this case, families can still use our cameras even if they don’t have reliable electricity.


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